Helpful and fun Maths card games for learning and revising

Why Maths Games

We are a small, UK based family-run business, and founded by qualified Maths Teacher, Ian Sheridan. You can trust us that we know Maths!

Our fun maths games for primary aged children and beyond aim to help your family with Maths at home or in the classroom. Expect relevant Maths resources which give an insight into school techniques and strive to increase Maths confidence and exploratory Maths learning. Enjoy ‘playing Maths’!

Please enjoy our ‘Games’ based methodology that fuels our products:

GREAT FUN! First and foremost, we hope your family get a lot of fun from our fun Maths games. They are supposed to make you laugh, be competitive in a safe surrounding and make you think. 

ACCESSIBLE – children of all stages can get a lot from the products. Our Maths games are physically accessible with few parts and easy to set up. It’s easy and relevant on-the-go Maths!

MATHS BASED –  Our founder is a Maths Teacher, there is always a useful Maths ANGLE! The fun maths games use Maths topics taught at school and set them out to how they would in class. Handy!

EXPLORATORY – Thinking and learning in games helps a child be free in their exploration. Each game has a multi-level approach: resources and visual aids to scaffold understanding, and with endless possibilities: How many lines of symmetry are there in a circle? How many numbers are there? The exploration is infinite!

SOCIABLE! A ‘Games’ based approach to learning fosters many social skills such as: confidence, maths vocab, reasoning skills and leadership qualities. We hope your child soars!